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We take pleasure in working with individuals and we love what we do for, and with, our clients. We believe that’s why people find us easy to work with and down to earth.

We care for our clients and have strong beliefs about how a financial planning business should operate. We therefore keep these beliefs at the forefront of everything we do. We believe:

  • that until we know all about you, we don’t have the right to tell you what to do with your money. We place huge significance on long-term relationships. Our value to you is in providing tailored advice, that is both accurate and technical, towards achieving your dreams and goals.
  • in always ensuring we place our client’s interests ahead of our own – in a fiduciary standard of care.
  • in being independent- this ensures that our clients get the right advice for them. Private Capital has no ties to any bank, insurance company or investment house.
  • in being contactable – there’s no limit on the number of meetings, discussions or phone calls a client can have with Private Capital. We are available at all reasonable times, clients having access to our telephone and mobile numbers.
  • our clients should benefit from our shared experience- we work as a team. Although each client will have a lead advisor, the team share the work as a whole, meaning we understand each and every one of our clients really well.
  • in both creating and maintaining an environment that supports both learning and personal development.
  • that clients are the only people who should pay us- we do not take commissions from third parties. For this reason we are ‘fee only’.
  • our clients should know exactly what their money will or will not allow them to do, they should know the truth about their money. As a result we place great significance on fostering long-term relationships.

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